Researchers Conduct New Diet Study Using MRI To Map Internal Fat

The CENTRAL trial is a randomized, managed trial conducted at BGU in collaboration with the Dimona Nuclear Research Center, and Soroka University Medical Center in Israel, as well as Harvard University and Leipzig University in Germany. The study showed a low-carb Mediterranean diet had a larger effect on reducing fat across the liver, heart, and the pancreas, in comparison to low-fat diets with similar calorie counts, however the weight loss was similar. The team also found that moderate physical activity reduced the amount of visceral fat stored around the abdomen.

The researchers reported that the dramatic 30% decrease in liver fat coupled with moderate weight loss is a key element in reducing health risks associated with obesity over the long term. High hepatic fat content is associated with metabolic symptoms, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular system disease. Prof. Shai, a member of BGU’s S. Daniel Abraham International Middle for Health and College and Nutrition of Open public Health.

The research team examined the significance of reducing liver organ fat (in contrast to visceral fat) by comparing the results of some 278 overweight people who followed two reduced-calorie diet regimes: a Mediterranean diet and a low-fat diet. Following the subjects for 18 months demonstrated that changing their respective nutrition habits was consistent with the trial groups to which they were randomly assigned.

The CENTRAL research, unprecedented in both its breadth and size, contributes a huge database, comprising a large number of body images, for finding and mapping body fat in the body. Throughout a person’s lifetime, fat cells move between areas of the body and that fat plays a variety of health roles, from defense to neutral to poisonous.

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