About Us

He is Finnish that specifies himself as pansexual. He ended up institution and afterwards left academic community. He is consumed with developing playlists.

John Daniel Giantbulb is a 35-year-old community counsellor that takes pleasure in cooking, charity job and also paying attention to songs. He is charitable and also charitable, however can additionally be extremely stealthy as well as a little bit disloyal.

Literally, John remains in good condition. He is average-height with bronze skin, blonde hair and also yellow eyes. He has a tattoo of the Spotify logo design on his top back.

John’s buddy is a community counsellor called Evangeline Knight. They are indivisible. He likewise accompanies Lexi Patel and also Rupert Reid. They appreciate grown-up colouring publications with each other.

He is presently solitary. His latest love was with a plumbing technician called Brad Kenan Kelly, that was 1 years older than him. They separated since John located Brad’s political sights also traditional.

He matured in a center course area. He was elevated by his mom, his dad having actually left when he was young.