Designer Furniture for Your Home 1

Designer Furniture for Your Home

Using designer furniture can make your home more unique. You can customize designer furniture to match your style and preferences. There are many companies that specialize in designing furniture, and accessories. Virgil Abloh (and Andrew Kudless), Fernando Campana (and Humberto) and Virgil Abloh (and others). These brands are known for their innovative and stylish designs. When you have virtually any queries with regards to where by and the way to employ high end throw pillows, you possibly can email us with our web site.

Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh is a streetwear designer who has designed a large range of furniture for Galerie Kreo’s Paris shop. His designs incorporate traditional furniture but add an artistic flair to them. His Efflorescence collection includes tables with graffiti streaks on their surfaces. Abloh has collaborated with Vitra as well as companies like Gore-Tex or Off-White.

Virgil Abloh, a graffiti artist enthusiast, is Virgil Abloh. He was a teenager in suburban Rockford, Illinois when he began to study graffiti art. This unique style has been translated into furniture for well-off, discerning customers. The result is a collection that brings “the street” into posh homes.

Andrew Kudless

Andrew Kudless boasts a prestigious design background. His Fulbright Fellowship was granted to him for his study in Japan. He has also won numerous awards. He teaches at the California College of the Arts. His own design studio, Matsys is his. He is a pioneer for digital design and his designs often incorporate organic forms.

In his designs, Kudless incorporates form, fabrication and material into one seamless work. He is inspired from nature and knows its role in the universe. The result is an exclusive collection of furniture, lighting, or accessories that is both beautiful and functional.

Designer Furniture for Your Home 2

Humberto Campana and Fernando Campana

Humberto Campana and Fernando Campana, a Brazilian design team, have received international acclaim for their work. Their inspiration comes from Brazilian nature. They often combine traditional techniques with modern materials. Their ‘Estrella’ series, for instance, draws formal inspiration from the bolacha do mar, a marine echinoderm. Campanas create an original texture by using a simplified form of the echinoderm.

The works of the Campana Brothers have been exhibited at many museums throughout the world. In addition to their New York studio, the Campana Brothers have exhibited in Paris’s Centre Pompidou as well as the Museum of Modern Art. Their work can also be seen at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Objets Nomades

Objets Nomades presents innovative and official source useful design objects from many countries. The LV Maison is curating the exhibit, which features the creative visions of various artists. LV has partnered previously with Atelier Oi in Switzerland, the Campana brothers of Brazil and Israeli designers Yael Mer from Raw Edges.

The Objets Nomades collection is inspired by travel and exploration. The collection also includes the AtelierOi’s Belt Lounge Chair as well as the Belt Side Stool. These pieces are made with strips of Louis Vuitton Leather on a delicate Metal Frame. Another highlight is the Bomboca modular sofa designed by the Campana Brothers. When you have any sort of inquiries regarding where and the best ways to utilize designer pillow covers, you could call us at our own web-page.