Under-fire Growers Promise Ethical Jobs 1

Under-fire Growers Promise Ethical Jobs

Fruit and veggie growers are fed up with having a negative reputation for illegal employment and they want stronger rules to guarantee the whole industry complies with the law. The Australian Fresh Produce Alliance released data on Tuesday showing its people utilize more than 22,000 people across 100 sites, while their suppliers utilize an additional 25,000 employees.

Chief professional Michael Rogers says his people want to adhere to employment laws and ethical work standards. The fruit and veggie growing industry has been under open fire for underpaying employees and exploiting backpackers and other seasonal employees from Pacific countries. The new Modern Slavery Act reporting requirements mean Australian companies now have to explain where there are dangers of slavery in their source chains. 2 an hour to work at a Northern Territory mango business. Mr Rogers says while vegetable and fruit growers are working on doing the right thing, laws should be changed if labour-hire companies won’t do the same.

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