4. WITHIN THE LAST Two Decades 1

4. WITHIN THE LAST Two Decades

The market for fitness and weight reduction businesses is growing larger as Americans themselves get bigger. 1. The National Center for Health Statistics reviews that the obesity rate continues to increase. 2. The true number of overweight people in the U.S. American adults or more than 55 percent of the population.

At any given time, tens of an incredible number of Americans trying to lose weight and get exercise. 3. A lot of the franchises that cater to this market are either fitness facilities, often with a special niche market, or diet centers that provide nutritional counseling along with foods and other products. There is also some cross-over between your two -some fitness centers offer nutritional counseling, food products, and supplements.

4. In the last two decades, health and fitness center membership is continuing to grow by 231 percent. 7. Of the full-total number of health-night clubs, commercial fitness centers have about 50 percent of the marketplace. Non-profits, such as the YMCA or school facilities account for 38 percent about. The other 11 percent of members belong to corporate clubs, aerobics studios, resort/spas, country, and hotel clubs.

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8. Women constitute 60 percent of the commercial membership, so that it is not surprising that several fitness franchises serve exclusively to women. Fitness centers report that typically the most popular, in-demand programs offered by fitness facilities are fitness, step/bench aerobics, cardio kickboxing, yoga, strength training, aerobics classes, group cycling, and child care. The biggest profit centers for these businesses are fitness, therapeutic massage, pro-shop, aquatics, tennis, and food and beverage sales. 33 billion a year, with revenues coming from the sale of foods, supplements, weight-loss products, counseling, and other services.

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This review should provide you with enough information to produce a logical choice concerning which will be best for your athletic training and activities. In order to make progress, tracking what you are doing every day is vital to reaching your goals and many of these fitness trackers may help you achieve them a lot more easily.

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