2019 Meal & Entertainment Expense Deduction Changes

If you are searching for “entertainment expense deduction 2018” or “IRS foods and entertainment 2018”, this guide should help! The brand new entertainment and foods tax act will not allow entertainment expenditure deductions. Before this new tax act came into put on Dec. 31, 2017, you were allowed to deduct 50% of your entertainment expenses.

This means that any entertainment expenses paid or incurred after Dec. 31, 2017 are no more tax deductible. The meal expense deduction changed in 2018 as well where the IRS is only allowing businesses to deduct 50% of their meal deductions, vs. 2017, where you could deduct 100% of foods provided to employees.

Under the new deductible rules, this necessity will essentially remain the same, although in a different form that states that meals expenditures must be deductible. However, this necessity no longer pertains to entertainment expenditures as those expenses have been repealed completely. This repeal will also eliminate the deduction for meals if they are entertainment related.

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Meals centered around entertainment are categorized as the purview of expenses when the experience focuses on entertainment (In simpler words, just because the costs is meals will not exclude it from the broader entertainment designation). Because these new rules treat entertainment-related meals differently, it might be wise to establish a new information management system or documentation procedure to account for every category separately.

Business meals are only deductible if they are not extravagant or luxurious, and if the actual taxpayer exists with the client. Expenses for foods during business meetings of directors, agents, stockholders, and employees. Partner meetings and office conferences now fall into this category. Generally speaking, any meals during business travel, if they could be considered personal (not related to the function of the business trip) then a portion of the non-public meals will be non-deductible. Meals at workshops, conventions, or any other kind of conference, even if the food cost isn’t separated from the event cost. If the cost is not separated, it must be calculated centered per diem rates of this location or reasonableness.

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