CREATED FOR Mature Learners 1

CREATED FOR Mature Learners

At Centennial College, those interested in getting into the Logistics Management industry can do this via the graduate certificate Logistics Management programs. Designed for mature learners, the scheduled program requires candidates to possess a university diploma or university degree in any discipline. In addition to showing proof of university or college program completion, applicants are also necessary to provide proof of English proficiency. The Logistics Management program shall, however, consider candidates with partial relevant and post-secondary work experience.

For this, a transcript and resume review are required. In both semesters they spend in the Logistics Management program, students are prepared with solid logistics foundation that can transfer across all sectors. That is achieved through a number of topics such as outbound and inbound transport management, fleet management, warehousing, materials handling, order fulfillment, logistics network design, inventory management, source/demand planning, and management of third party logistics services providers.

Additional Logistics Management programs cover: customer support, procurement and sourcing, production planning and scheduling, assembly, and packaging. Every one of the Logistics Management supply and courses chain management courses are facilitated from Centennial College’s largest location, Progress Campus. This centrally-located campus also homes many other programs from the institution of Business, which starts students to the likelihood of networking and peer-to-peer relationship. Centennial College’s Logistic Management course has an affiliation with the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT). Therefore, students who successfully complete the program and successfully match the CITT certification will improve their overall profession success because CITT qualification signals a higher level of understanding and capability to employers.

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It is by attending Centennial College’s Logistics Management classes that students are ready with the educational credentials essential to pursue the CITT designation. To get fully accredited with the CITT designation, applicants must: attain five many years of industry experience, provide proof constant professional development, acknowledge the CITT Code of Ethics, and pay CITT regular membership dues.

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