Expert Reveals 9 Things YOU MUST NEVER Put On Our Face 1

Expert Reveals 9 Things YOU MUST NEVER Put On Our Face

In times when beauty hacks and do-it-yourself skin care tips are flooded around social media, it is important to know what’s good and what can be bad for your face. Your skin on the facial skin is more delicate than your skin on the rest of the body. Your skin on the eyes and lips are thinner and even more sensitive and fragile. This is the reason why you need to become more careful about the kind of products you are using on that person.

Vitamin A and epidermis cancer: A study found that pores and skin-cancer risk is 17% reduced in people with high consumption of Vitamin A when compared with those who consumed moderate amounts of Vitamin A through diet and supplements. Monsoon epidermis and hair care tips: The rainy season can be a little too difficult for the skin and locks. Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia suggests conditioning locks before and after hair shampoo to prevent frizzy hair.

Other useful hacks the following. Body creams are usually thicker and have more fragrances than moisturizers designed for the face. These physical body lotions, when used on the face, can result in breakouts and allergic reactions. You should use only fragrance-free and oil-free moisturizers on your face. You all will need to have seen lessons which suggest applying sugar scrubs on the body as it works as an excellent exfoliant. But using sugars on your face can scuff the sensitive skin and even cause scratching.

Any product with contaminants shaped like glucose crystals can cause microscopic tears on the face. If you’re someone with a dried-out epidermis, or during winters, your skin layer becomes drier than usual, you vacation resort to petroleum jelly often. When applied to the lips, Vaseline is helpful since it can seal the moisture on the delicate and dried out skin on the lip area.

It could even be helpful in dealing with bug bits. But apart from moisture, Vaseline also seals dirt and debris on your skin. This can cause even more dryness over time since it prevents the skin’s exposure to additional air and moisture. Stay away from foot creams on that person, even on occasions when you’re working out of face moisturizers. A product like foot cream is made up of chemical exfoliants that may be extremely severe for your skin on that person.

While something like a steam face can work great for your face, cleaning that person with hot water (under the impression that it can eliminate bacteria) can be dangerous for that person. Normally it takes the moisture from the outermost coating of the skin away. Citric fruits like lemon can cause irritation on your skin. Psoralen is a chemical in lemon which can make you delicate to light extremely. On your skin exposure to the sun, it can even cause blisters. Hence, you must avoid applying lemon juice on that person.

According to dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia, lemon can cause epidermis burns and rashes. You should be careful while applying perfumes and make sure that they aren’t applied on that person. Disclaimer: This article including advice provides common information only. It really is by no means a substitute for competent medical opinion. Consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information Always. NDTV does not claim responsibility because of this information.

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