Yangon Office Market Report 2019! 1

Yangon Office Market Report 2019!

Market to be underserved despite healthy supply pipeline Positive business sentiments arose in the second quarter of the year resulting in more powerful investment interest towards the house market, especially in the industry office sector. High rental and occupancy rates going forward are an inducement for even more interest. As an outcome, office building construction activity in Yangon is likely to further heighten, with pipeline projects now collectively exceeding over 300,000 sq m of gross leasable space in some 18 new office developments. The number will soon build-up as possibly 15 more tasks, currently at the initial planning phases, are likely to be launched.

Yangon Office Stock Source: Colliers International Myanmar This year alone, the town is likely to witness further development in commercial building advancements with new office spaces to go up by 76% YoY or an additional supply of over 60,000 sq m. Meanwhile, Yangon continues to post one of the highest average Average Office Rental Rate by Location rents in the ASEAN region. The city’s current rental rate range between USD40 to 50 per sq m once a month for a low-grade building, 100 and USD70 to 95 per sq m monthly for the mid-grade.

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While the common high-quality rate is unchanged at USD88 per sq m QoQ, it 80 is above Singapore’s USD75 per sq m consistently, even though 60 all working offices in Yangon are below international Quality A building criteria. The forecast direction for premium rents remain 40 upward and is projected to hit the USD100 per sq m mark in the 20 next a year.

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