The Best Way To Create A Custom Facebook Fan Page

Update 2/17/11: After March 11, 2011 the Static FBML software will not be available. It will proceed to work on existing customized tabs but all new tabs will need to be created with Iframes. Please, see my tutorial on the way to create a customized Facebook page tab with Iframes. Please, note: This info will soon be outdated by changes that Facebook will be making to packing containers and the bins tab.

Please, read my new article Upcoming Facebook Changes to Boxes and the Box Tab that can Impact Your Custom Fan Pages. It has accidentally grow to be Facebook week. I did not plan this and originally was only going to use the submit I wrote on Monday about not integrating Twitter and Facebook. But then a query within the feedback impressed me to write down the tutorial for deleting and enhancing Facebook applications.

So, right now I’ll round it off with data on Facebook fan pages. I lately created a Facebook fan web page for this website and my enterprise. Prior to this I used to be sending enterprise data by my personal Facebook page. While I still do this with my blog posts, my personal page comprises too much goofiness, like links to new Monkey Island movies, to be considered professional.

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The fan web page incorporates a few of articles, opinions of my work, and hyperlinks of curiosity about WordPress and freelancing. I realized fairly a bit about Facebook to making the fan page and discovered some functions which are really useful. At the bottom left of the fan or business pages is a link that says ‘Create A Page For My Business’.

Clicking on this will get your started. You pretty much just want to call the page and say that you have the right to create it. Facebook then creates a default web page with the Wall and tabs for the other primary purposes corresponding to Info, Boxes, Events, and Notes. The Wall, Info, and Boxes tabs cannot be removed. It was possible to rename certain tabs like Boxes but apparently this stopped working with the last Facebook replace. It will change into more vital a little bit later within the article.

The following Facebook applications are very helpful for a fan/business page. There are others that I tried but these had been my favorites. My Google Calendar – This app permits you to add a public Google calendar to your page. I at the moment have a tab for this and a small calendar on the containers tab.

Extended Info – With this software you may add additional fields to your information section. The app helps html/fbml, pictures, video, and music so you do quite a bit with it. I didn’t like the way in which it truly displayed on my Info tab so I added a customized part below the tab.

My LinkedIn Profile – This adds a bit of button with a hyperlink to your LinkedIn Profile. It will probably go on the Wall or Boxes page. My Stuff – This app makes it simple to add content material that contains embed code similar to a video, or slideshow presentation. I tested this with the Jing video I created for a post last Winter. I have removed the video however is nonetheless planning on utilizing the appliance.