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I read a lot of esthetician forums where students thinking about heading to esthetician school are worried that career path may not generate enough money to go on. It is a great question, and many estheticians debate this on the discussion boards. Can you endure on an esthetician’s salary? Everyone lives a different lifestyle so to say one can or cannot survive on an esthetician’s salary is lumping every esthetician in the same group.

We all live very in a different way depending on our circumstances. No-one can say with a 100% precision how much YOU can make as an esthetician and if they are doing these are misleading you because it can not be done. You will find too many factors inside your salary as an esthetician. Will you work per hour for a doctor? Will you work on a 50/50 or 60/40 break up? Is it possible for you to earn commission on your revenue at your place of employment? Do you consider you might run your own esthetics business? Is it possible you may teach esthetics for a community college?

The list goes on and on, and it could be one full-time job or a couple of part-time jobs, it all depends on your individual situation. I don’t think anyone switches into esthetics to be RICH, most people go into this for the love of it. If you become rich from it, it is probably from a lot of effort and a small amount of luck.

Like any career, there is an average salary and then there are people who achieve financial results that most never accomplish for the reason that occupation. 10,000 grand into a pricey school, allow you to try two careers simultaneously. That is the beauty of esthetics, it will always be something you can do on a part-time basis while maintaining another profession. 10,000 year a school, by the end you will still get a state esthetics license.

I don’t want to steer anyone from this career because it is something I absolutely love, but it is thought by me is important to encourage one to research it before you select. Do you like esthetics really? When I am at school, I had been amazed at the number of individuals who only mildly liked esthetics plus they were going to continue on and graduate. Why would they spend the amount of money? Their passion for the field was little to none, plus they continued on the path yet.

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