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There are a couple of industries and occupations which have a ‘built-in’ unaggressive element, investment advisory being one of them (with fees from assets under management). Companies can have ‘retainer’ contracts because of their services (legal, IT, consulting, training, training, advice etc) that are also not 100 % pure ‘time for money’. If you’re in another of these industries, then you have to bring your visitors round to the idea that ‘advice is not free’ (no, you can’t choose my brain). The legal job have this waxed, but others – especially financial and investment advisory – not so much!

The whole goal of passive income is to ‘leverage’ the amount of hours you have per day, not work longer. Action: Accumulating a unaggressive income stream takes time – often a lot of it – and capital. Done properly it shall make your retirement much more secure but have it clearly planned out, and realistic. It should add to your retirement plan, not replace it.

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  • Is the next common stock costed properly? If no, what is the correct price
  • Short Term Finance
  • Court action used for lack of rental income

Dawn Ridler is a Certified Financial Planner. She is founder of Kerenga in Johannesburg. Dawn completed her MBA at age group 22. After a stint as CEO of Crafters Market and Build-A-Bear Workshop (SA), she decided to leave the retail market and shifted into financial services. She was attained by her Accredited Financial Planner® designation in January 2010. Dawn is a registered representative on the FSB license of Hexon Financial Services number 42793. She is presently an associate of the Financial Planning Institute’s risk competency committee.

Do you want to know how to regularly earn dual digit and triple digit profits from stocks? The secret lies in information technology. Yes. Information technology. And Ill tell you how. Most of the stocks Ive possessed that have earned more than 50% comes back in less than a year are not even on the radar displays of the analysts of major investment companies.

How do I know? Because Ive proved helpful at two Fortune 500 financial services firms as a Private Banker and Private Wealth Manager and never was able to find any research at these firms on the shares that interested me the most. Because the way to generate income in trading has changed significantly and the best investment firms never have held up.

One of the reason why big investment firms have not kept up is because most have ulterior motives as real marketing machines. Almost every supervisor at every large investment firm is compensated on how much fee income and gain their office produces the company, not how well their financial consultants have performed for his or her clients.

There is a huge difference between these two goals. Because many companies mandate older age and lots of experience as prerequisites for their star analysts. They believe that a head industry analyst with a couple of grey hairs is far more credible when appearing before their top clients and in front of the American public on television. Personally, if I ran an investment company, all of my analysts would probably be under 30 years of age.

Well, information technology has revolutionized the power of analysts to find shares with spectacular development prospects before the general public becomes aware of these shares. Leads can be found through internet search engines by searching the right keywords, and through other creative methods also, including the utilization of blogs. Often, the best stock opportunities can be uncovered through non-traditional sources of information, signifying NOT Reuters, NOT Bloomberg, rather than the other financial information clearinghouses that big wall street firms pay thousands for each month. Often, the best information online is free and, but the key is knowing how to discover it. A brand new faced kid, right? Because usually the younger generation is much more up-to-date on newer technology, including knowing how to manipulate and find data. See where Im choosing all of this now?