Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!!: 09/01/2019

I have something really special for you! For those of you who skipped yesterday’s post – you can capture through to the action HERE. Not merely is the historical Palampore beautiful all in its right, however the motifs from such panels were sought after by needleworkers past in making quilts and coverings. In French “broderie perse” means Persian embroidery, but it also came to make reference to the lovely applique of printed chintz flowers and other motifs onto a good fabric.

This reproduction “palampore” is drawn from an antique example of an extremely popular and fine kind of fabric from the 18th century. An investment in fabric of the quality was a sign of wealth and success; families would display them as curtains prominently, bedcoverings or wall-hangings. The true name palampore means bedspread or coverlet. These extraordinarily large cotton panels with their vividly-colored, life-sized flowering trees were coveted for their beauty and as a status symbol.

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As typical it combines a complex and intricate design depicting a multitude of plants, flowers and birds. The “tree of life” motif is typical of most palampores and can be used as a symbol to celebrate birth, marriage and special occasions. This original Palampore originates from the extensive archives of Mary Koval, and accompanies the “Tree of Life”Collection also by Mary Koval. I am honored to have seen many of Mary’s broderie and Palampores perse applique quilts personally. I tell, you it is nearly a spiritual experience being able to see and even gently handle these special pieces!

I am even more excited that she is offering to give away one palampore -panel as shown above to 1 lucky reader! You might choose to add borders to your quilt such as this! Or perhaps select a small portion of the panel and frame it like this! Applique motifs from the panel such as this!

You will see the free design worksheets to make these tasks on the Windham Fabrics site HERE. The ideas for working with this -panel are limitless – when you can even carry to cut it! So are you ready? Leave me a comment in the feedback section of this post!

Remember to leave your email address noticeable in your comment. Whatever you do, that address be visible, or I am going to have to choose another champion. We will draw for our winner on Tuesday evening, September 8th! Good luck, every one! Click Here to like our Quiltville Friends Page on Facebook for more fun! Click Here to become listed on our sister group, Quiltville’s Open Studio on Facebook, a accepted place to Sew, Share & Grow!