The Role Of Investment Bankers In The Startup Ecosystem 1

The Role Of Investment Bankers In The Startup Ecosystem

Startups often need to improve funds to be able to grow, and most entrepreneurs don’t understand the fundraising process. It’s all very international to them, plus they don’t know how to pitch, or how to get hold of investors. That’s where investment bankers are a good idea – they help connect funders with founders. Good investment bankers have cultivated associations with investors, which they nurture over many years. They know very well what investors want for and can help bridge the space between business owners and traders.

The reduce a few of the friction which founders would usually encounter. They trainer entrepreneurs, and clarify to them what traders are looking for. These are helped by them to polish their pitch, and massage their numbers, in order that they are better ready for some challenging queries that investors are going to inquire further.

They provide many dress rehearsals, so the founder is way better positioned to be able to raise funds. A good investment banker actually works like a guide and can play a key role in helping the entrepreneur to achieve success. Good investment bankers take a great deal of time and trouble to make a good reputation for themselves.

He knows what each trader is looking for, because funders come in so many shapes and sizes. He is an experienced at connecting the right entrepreneur with the right investor. Because he’s built up a great deal of reliability in the startup ecosystem, his word holds weight, and he can help business owners to get warm introductions to the right people. However, because you do not require any special qualifications to be an investment banker, plenty of middlemen are setting themselves as specialists in finance raising for startups.

Sadly, they end up taking undue benefit of raw entrepreneurs, most of whom don’t know how to differentiate between good bankers and bad ones. They are sweet talkers and slick salesmen, who promise founders they will be able to raise millions on their behalf – once they have been paid their fat fees.

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They charge an appointment charge; they charge a sign-up fee; a charge is charged by them to vet the proposal; this means they keep on extracting money from the entrepreneur. These investment bankers want to make lots of money, which explains why they loaf around at startup conferences. They style themselves as Investment Consultants, and make a lot of promises, the majority of which they’re never able to fulfill.

They get the entrepreneur’s hopes up, by organizing meetings with many investors in fancy hotels, but usually they are not serious angel traders – not the ones who actually indication checks ! Many business owners waste materials not just a lot of money, but plenty of precious time and energy as well.

His confidence in the startup ecosystem takes a big blow, because he’s been exposed to the wrong people. He starts feeling the Indian startup space is a sham, and there aren’t any good guys whatsoever. This is tragic, and that’s why it’s so important that business owners have the ability to differentiate between a good banker and a bad one.