THE FOUNDATION Of Beauty Pageants 1

THE FOUNDATION Of Beauty Pageants

According to Wikipedia, a beauty pageant or beauty contest is a competition that targets the physical beauty of its contestants mainly. The contests often incorporate personality, talent, and answers to judges’ questions as criteria. The term invariably pertains and then contests for females and ladies almost; similar events for men or boys are named and otherwise, most likely deal with body physique.

Winners of beauty contests are called beauty queens. The first modern pageant was staged by P. T. Barnum in 1854, but his beauty competition was shut down by public protest. He previously held the dog also, baby, and bird-beauty contests. Modern beauty pageants as we realize them today are traceable to the Miss America Beauty Pageant, which was first held in Atlantic City in 1921 under the title “Inter-city beauty contest”.

Since then, beauty pageants have generally gained approval generally in most societies resulting in the introduction of several local, national, and international pageants around the world. Despite the numerous types of pageants that people have today, the secrets to winning any of them remains the same. The concepts required to win a local pageant will be the same for an international pageant.

  1. Who are your favorite ALW Phantoms
  2. Friction &
  3. Vitamin B3 (boosts elasticity of your skin),
  4. Wipes should be avoided (if required they must be free from alcohol and perfume)
  5. To webcam or not to webcam
  6. Do not follow any DIY recipe that advocates using nice essential natural oils on the skin

This means that each aspiring beauty queen must be well groomed and familiar with these winning principles that have been applied by previous and present name holders to achieve their dreams. These principles are the basics required and demanded by both the audience and judges alike by any “head’ that would dare to wear the “crown”.

The essence of most beauty pageants is to enjoy the totality of the wonder of a female. This will go over and above looks to task such qualities as however; intelligence, confidence, poise, charity, charm amongst others. Presently, titleholders of local, national, or international beauty pageants are involved in one form of interpersonal work or the other. The majority of beauty queens use their offices to get involved with NGOs or individually established pet projects during their reign. For a few queens these tasks span the time of their reign as well as for others it continues even after.

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