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Hollywall Entertainment Inc. (HWAL)

City of Mount Vernon awards Contract to Hollywall Development Company LLC., (HWDC) for Emergency Equipment and Communication Network System and to install one of the first Fully Integrated Smart City Fiber Optic Network. Mayor Rich Thomas Takes Immediate Steps to resolve the Mount Vernon Police Department’s Key Communication Equipment Emergency!

“Corbel Communications is exciting to be always an area of the HollyWall Development (HWDC) team, in partnering with the populous city of Mount Vernon to create another Smart City in the US,” said A.J. Pino, President, Corbel Communications. “We will be providing a state-of-the-art conduit and communications network,” he continued, “by deploying our Microtrenching technology that may assist City organizations by bridging the digital separate with minimal impact to the residents and businesses of Mount Vernon.

“The PBA is pleased to see that progress is being designed to help the Citizens of Mt. Vernon,” said Mount Vernon PBA President Brent Gamble. “The police officers on the street will get the much needed and long overdue basic mobile phone & reliable communications equipment for use in the field. We put our lives at risk every day, which is a great start towards a safer city. We love the residents of Mount Vernon.

“This is only about the people’s needs and the business to do our jobs. We are thankful to finally get positive activities,” said Police Chief Ziadie. “This critical need of police communication equipment went on for a long time. Like everything else, you have to revise and replace inoperable equipment. Our concern is to safeguard and provide the city, and it is key and important to have basic equipment and tools to do our careers. “Everyone who knows our city charter and follows the news knows it’s been a tsunami of opposition from the elected officials that are likely to help our citizens remain safe and feel protected,” said Mayor Richard Thomas.

“Enough will do, and I’ll continue steadily to do what is in the best interest of the interpersonal people of Support Vernon, when it makes me a focus on even. Mount Vernon will continue steadily to rise with whatever means is necessary to provide good & timely services to our community. We are suitable, we are worthy of proper working law enforcement communication equipment and so much more.

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This is the reason why the Mount Vernon City Charter needs to be revised now. Now the Mount Vernon Police Department can do what they are hired to do inside our City of Hope. A turnkey, state-of-the-art, public safety radio marketing communications network. Seamless integration with the Federal government, condition, and local police and first responders in your community.

Seamless interagency radio system to aid mission critical marketing communications within the town of Mount Vernon. Upgrade and/or substitute of existing public safety radio communications network, with minimum disruption of the current network. Maintenance and Warranty of the network for a period of, at minimum, a decade. Tech support team for a period of, at least, ten years.

HollyWall Development Company LLC, (HWC) is a minority- bulk controlled, and managed consortium, led by its Founder/ President & CEO, Darnell Sutton, an award-winning visionary, strategist, and business owner. Furthermore, HWDC has partnered with a national P3 Foundation, and a preeminent global NYSE Financial services company, which provides investment banking, securities, wealth management, and investment management services to clients.

Corbel Communications is a full-service telecommunications company headquartered in NY, which has successfully designed and built some of the most advanced and complex telecommunications infrastructures for most of the biggest Communications companies in America. Corbel Communications is the primary authority on Microtrenching. Furthermore, to Mount Vernon, Corbel is involved with projects in NEW YORK currently, Westchester County, Connecticut, NJ, Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Fullerton, CA, Irvine, CA, Louisville, KY, and Charlottesville, VA. Dura-Line is a respected international producer and distributor of energy and communication cable, conduit, and pipes. CEO, Darnell Sutton stated, “Our ever Technology Summit was an enormous success first.

We are already getting excited about hosting more of these valuable events in other municipalities. It had been a historic event where political and technology market leaders certainly, vendors, and technology enthusiasts could actually interact. I want to give thanks to Austin especially, Texas Mayor, Stephen Adler, and Mt. Vernon, NY Mayor, Richard Thomas, because of their participation.