How Winning THAT IS Money SME Prize Helped RateSwitch Double In Size

Our Great British Entrepreneur Challenge is up and running. It offers start-up bosses a life-changing opportunity to win up to £50, 000 in seed funding and mentoring from a high angel buyer Andy Yates. But don’t just take our word for it. Last year’s champion, Lee Flavin scooped the entire £50,000 to accelerate his endeavor RateSwitch, which helps home loan owners find the best rates off their existing lenders – even if their family or financial circumstances have changed.

While the money prize provided an essential financial injection to the business enterprise, Flavin said the networking and mentoring opportunities offered by Yates were equally invaluable. Since winning your competition, the continuing business has doubled in proportions, has made new hires, and revamped its website. Flavin caught up with This is Money to go over how his business changed almost a year after winning the task. 1. Why do you enter the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge?

I understood my home loan switching business RateSwitch got much promise. It was already proven to save homeowners life changing levels of money on the mortgages, often within hours and even if their personal circumstances acquired transformed. At the same time I realized I needed expert help and support to get RateSwitch to another level and to help so much more homeowners. Like so many entrepreneurs, I have never run a continuing business before and I wanted help from someone that had seen it, done it, and recognized what must be done to make it. Are you experiencing a small business idea?

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Who wants to be always a successful entrepreneur? 2. How gets the mentoring and the seed investment helped your business? The seed financing has been fantastic, helping me to totally revamp the RateSwitch website and proposition to help all sorts of homeowners cut costs efficiently. It was important to emphasize RateSwitch can help homeowners even if their income, family, or other circumstances acquired changed or that they had specialist mortgages such as Help Buy or Buy-to-Let.

But this is approximately a lot more than the amount of money. Andy’s amazing advice, network, support, and encouragement have been completely important and without him I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to accomplish what I’ve achieved. AFTER I fulfilled Andy Yates as part of the short list process for the task, we clicked.

I knew we could interact well – which is really the most important thing for any entrepreneur when they are looking for support and help. I used to be so thrilled to discover that I had received. I understood that together we’re able to take RateSwitch to new heights. The result of all of this support – we’ve doubled how big is the business taken on new staff and provided a genuine platform for some exciting growth.

3. Did you have any concerns? My only concern was if Andy could have the time to essentially provide me with proactive support and help. I needn’t have worried. Andy has always been there for me once I needed him – through the ups and downs of growing a successful business.

4. How ‘hands-on’ are Andy and his team? Andy has provided the right level of help when I have needed it – and it is fair to say he in addition has gone the extra mile for me personally. This has included practical day-to-day support and help based on all his connection with running and growing an effective business, through to key introductions and strategic insight to get me really motoring. I possibly could not have asked for more. 5. What business lessons have you learnt within the last is under Andy’s tutelage? To spend enough time focusing on the business not necessarily available.

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