What Is The Safest Place To Invest Money? 1

What Is The Safest Place To Invest Money?

A lot of individuals often ask me: What’s the safest spot to invest money? This relevant question is difficult since there is no definitive answer. Everyone wants a safe spot to invest money, however in reality no such place exists. To begin with, what are the most common ways you can invest?

Before I reach the safest places to get money, let’s check out the possibilities. Usually people suggest the stock market, real estate, CDs, savings accounts, and the mattress as the safest places to invest money. But are these options safe really? I’ll start with the stock market. The currency markets are a roller coaster of opportunities.

So how about real estate? Real estate happens to be my very own personal favorite. The positive potential of real property compared to its risk is phenomenal. But the nagging problem is whether or not real estate the safest place to invest money. No, of course it’s not. Real estate is full and unpredictable of similar uncontrollable risks. You’ll be able to buy a residence and then discover afterward that it was built on the toxic dump site watching are left to view as the house value drops to almost nothing before your very eyes. The property may also suffer irreparable fire harm or collapse after an earthquake.

What if a drug dealer moves in and turns your rental property into a meth house? Anybody of these situations could zero out your investment faster than you can blink. Any of these uncontrollable make real estate easily not the safest place to invest money. Then, what about CDs? Certificates of Deposit are usually regarded as one of the safest places to invest money. People usually think CDs are safe because they’re really just like offering financing to a bank or investment company.

And since we usually think of banks to be very stable, financing them money would be as well. However, the truth is that banking institutions are exactly like businesses. Just like businesses, banks can go swallow and bankrupt with them all the money that they had in their possession. This implies that if a bank were to collapse when you have your cash buried in a CD, you could lose it all, even the 3% ROI.

One plus side to CDs, though, be they can be insured. Insurance makes CDs about the safest spot to invest money. But there is still more to learn. Let’s take a look at savings accounts next. Savings accounts are nearly the same as CDs because they are simply like financing to a bank or investment company with a guarantee that you’ll not decrease your accounts below a certain level.

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But, again, if the lender dissolves, so will your cash. The main reason, a checking account can be viewed as safer is basically because the amount of money is more liquid. Finally, we come to maintaining your money under the mattress. The problem with this is that you’re susceptible to fraud, fire, or even more. But the real problem is actually inflation. Inflation slowly eats away your savings. If inflation averages 3% annually, the buying power of your cash will reduce by 3% every year. Which means that in 33 years your money will be well worth nothing. Just, what exactly does all of this mean?

There is no safer spot to invest money. All you can invest in holds with it a distinctive risk. How dangerous an investment is is something only you can measure for yourself. 3% a season each year riskier than letting a lender to borrow from you? Is natural disaster too terrifying to risk investing in real property and watching your money double every 5 years? They are questions that only you can answer for yourself. So, what is the safest place to invest money? That relevant question is something you will need to answer. And so, I ask YOU, what IS the safest spot to invest money, for YOU?

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