POME is the main revenue & profit contributor for CBIP, with 75% income and 90% income came from this segment in FY14. Its Modipalm make of palm essential oil mill appears to have a significant competitive advantage, with higher OER, lower manpower requirement and offers more cost-saving in comparison to conventional mills. CBIP’s POME’s order publication is quite stable.

It can always maintain the outstanding orders value at above RM400mil with consistent new orders. However, this figure only represents about twelve months plus of getting presence as its income from POME segment a year is about RM400mil. So, its latest 2 quarters’ world wide web earnings have reduced significantly credited to higher tax rate. Nevertheless, it is likely to regain the pioneer taxes status using its zero discharge waste materials management system because of its POME division. It contributes less than 20% of CBIP’s revenue and even less in profit due to common shareholders as 49% online revenue in this division goes to minority interest.

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Personally I don’t really like this division and can just ignore it. It shall become more negligible when contribution from plantation begins to grow. I opine that CBIP’s management team is great. The company’s cashflow and balance sheet is also strong. Despite “poor” financial results within the last 2 quarters, CBIP’s share price does not drop. This implies that most investors know this company well, and know very well what to expect. The business bought back again it shares regularly since middle-2015, which might show that the management feels the ongoing company is undervalued at below RM2.

Without any doubt, CBIP is a solid company and value for long-term investment. Its 86,000 ha of plantation landbank is not a small size. However, traders might not see attractive growth perhaps until 12 months 2018, which can be an “inauspicious” 12 months which grades the a decade wedding anniversary of global financial crisis. The positive catalyst for CBIP in the near term ought to be the pending new pioneer tax status for its POM.

I’m uncertain when could it be approved since the government seems to look for additional money frantically from anywhere possible to counter its reducing income. The negative aspect of CBIP’s plantation might be its gradual new planting. Though it programs for 6,a year 000 ha new planting, so it only planted 500 ha in 2015 considerably. That’s way to avoid it of target.

50 million of capital, we’re deploying up there, we have additional capital tasks that we have identified coming. We could take a look at other combinations later on that help us to provide kids. We have a choice to just keep developing this business and do more over time. And have you seen your trader foundation change over the last 4 years significantly?

And if so request the needs of an newer traders difference than from before? Yes. I would say we’ve seen certainly when we did the consolidation deal. It became a We’ve fewer MLP retail investors and we rotated more into institutional investors. And just how that has changed, I mean, people are thinking about the same underlying value questions still. Yes. We’re anticipated to natural gas and gas growth elevates the value of the existing network and creates growth opportunities. So I suggest just directionally the of gas or something our business design is purposely very much linked with and future investment is very much indeed linked too.