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First, read ARE YOU EXPERIENCING 16 Boxesat Seth Godin’s site. Second, if you are in your first season as a specialist Organizer review the action list you received at your training beside me (Business Plan program). What on your action list is unfinished? That’s not in my own power, so I’m not focusing there.

However, you can focus on what you can finish on your action list. When the overall economy picks up, turn around, or whatever it will do to stimulate the general population to begin spending their discretionary income again, you’ll be ready for new customers. When you have been in business for greater than a year, you most likely have a great list of contacts (leads, clients, and other interested people). Make a newsletter or blog if you haven’t already.

Very important. And PROCESS drives OWNERSHIP. This is both the risk and the opportunity of G4. In its purest condition, G4 needs a maturity of confirming that will take the sustainable business model significantly, both for the benefit of the business and for the benefit of stakeholders. G4, in addition to the materiality process, offers a great many other options to companies about how exactly they record what they record, with some General Standard Disclosures allows wide berth for a variety of different reporting styles.

This, I believe, is the transformational aspect of G4, not the materiality concentrate by itself. Subtly, G4 places a much greater burden of preference, ownership, and responsibility to confirm companies. In its purest form, a G4 statement cannot be written without the dedication and involvement. The risk is that companies shall turn to see how they can get away with the minimum, though sticking to the letter, rather than the spirit, of G4. The risk is that companies shall write G4 utilizing a G3 mindset. These ongoing companies will lose the change that G4 may bring.

They will also risk turning up as less credible as stakeholders reset expectations. That’s why I believe that ownership is the real middle of a G4, not materiality. Ownership will drive better business, and better reporting. Ownership is at the heart of the business change – and by outcome – the reporting transformation – most of us seek.

Companies need to own their reporting, not react on auto-pilot to a rigid set of framework requirements. I like to call this materiality maturity. I believe G4 offers great possibilities to help people achieve materiality maturity – both record writers and record readers. As visitors, we must look for the process, position, dialog, and the true way companies make options, not just the choices they make.

We must look behind the boxes ticked, not bemoan the lack of ticks just, or be satisfied when there are lots of these. As readers of reports, we should also become more adult. Right now, perhaps as the exhilaration of the G4 launch in Amsterdam continues to be fresh, I am optimistic that we will all rise to the challenge. Let’s change our mindset about reporting. Let’s own G4. I believe it’s worth a try.

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As you look at the damage created by plunging essential oil prices, at least to the oil in your profile, it is simple to second think decisions that you made weeks, weeks, or even years back. I believe that regret and navel gazing isn’t only pointless but dangerous that your time and effort will be better spending picking right up the items and looking forward. 100), that they have fallen too far and will bounce back again (the contrarian play) or that the above (price-agnostic).

Within each viewpoint about oil, you can get a protective strategy or an aggressive one either, with the last mentioned becoming more attractive as your self-confidence in your viewpoint increases. You can put me tightly in the “price-agnostic” category. 77/barrel, is down about 15%, but given today’s oil price, it is under-respected today. My investment timing obviously left much to be desired but selling it today won’t get me my cash back!