Black Mirror Easter Eggs: How All The Episodes Connect 1

Black Mirror Easter Eggs: How All The Episodes Connect

It’s an ingenious way to provide back to dedicated viewers at the same time inspiring duplicate viewings to catch all the recommendations or go through the original shows in a fresh way. Bonus: Production custom Joel Collins spoke to IndieWire about using the original props to generate many of these Easter eggs.

In addition, his name can be seen in “Black Museum also.” Collins said, “I’m aware that I’m within twice… understanding that may mean nothing to other people, but this means a lot to me. It’s quite funny. But a lot occurring within their. One of our favorite Easter eggs, though, isn’t a reference to the “Black Mirror” universe whatsoever, but to its streaming platform. Here’s our best attempt at finding the various sources covered throughout the seasons all. It starts with Season 2 because the first season – comprising “The National Anthem,” “Fifteen Million Merits,” and “THE COMPLETE History of You” – didn’t have episodes to reference yet.

The list is due to chronological order by event, so for people who want to check out the lists for the hottest episodes first, here are the immediate links the Season 3 Easter eggs and Season 4 Easter eggs. The UKN news channel is the same one observed in the very first episode of the series. This would be repeated throughout the series to the idea we receive refer to it again. When Martha is mourning the increased loss of her husband Ash, she sees three books about grieving in her email. You are written by Erica McEwan who shares the same name as “Black Mirror’s” visual art director.

No personal references found so far. Jessica Brown Findlay’s persona Abi Khan is seen on the billboard next to a Waldo offer. Backstage on the group of the Waldo show, some mentions, “People believe some crazy things, After all ABBA assumed in angels! Erica McEwan’s name is seen again on a Twitter give food to.

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One of the voyeurs enjoying Harry date is named “Pie Ape,” which is one of the insults used by someone discussing overweight people who are shunned in the “Fifteen Million Merits” world. While Joe Potter watches TV, he attracts a view of the show “Hot Shot.” Right after, he learns that the girl he loves has died in a rail crash.

Bethany uses a pregnancy test that has the same happy baby computer animation indicator on it as the one utilized by Hayley Atwell’s persona Martha. Joe’s positioning cell by the end has the White Bear icon on the name dish. As Joe watches the news headlines program about the rail crash, the news headlines crawl at the bottom of the screen reads, “MP Liam Monroe claims Twitter account was hacked.” Monroe (Tobias Menzies) was the main political prospect opposing Waldo. SUBSCRIBE: Stay on the surface of the latest-breaking film and TV news! Indicator for our Email Newsletters here up.

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