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When it comes to encouraging people to exercise, the fitness industry may use all the make it can get – maybe even from a higher power. A 2003 Harris Interactive study found that 90 percent of adults in the U.S. God. That’s A whole great deal of individuals! In comparison, only ten percent of individuals in the U.S.

Maybe the fitness industry could get a lift from religion. According to an article in the Montgomery Advertiser, many fitness benefits and lovers are taking the Biblical process, “your body is a temple,” to center. In addition to church-hosted group exercise diet and classes support groups, community fitness centers that offer faith-based fitness programs are starting to pop up. One of these is the Holy Spirit Fitness center in Costa Mesa, Calif. The fitness center is open to everyone but features a Bible scripture on the wall structure, and Christian music within the sound system. Another service, Fit 4 Christ, in Montgomery, Ala., plays Christian and gospel music, weekend religious programs and will be offering, prayer partners, and daily Bible and devotionals study.

“People are finally identifying the bond between being physically fit and being spiritually in Melody, and they’re inspired to take action,” says owner Antonio King. While these illustrations are Christian-based, there are also facilities that cater to Muslim women, the JCC caters to the Jewish community, and many mind/body and yoga exercise studios have a new-age/spiritual strategy.

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Of course, most fitness centers wouldn’t be successful with a religious-based theme, but some could and do. With so many believers out there, therefore many untapped potential users, maybe this is one strategy that could easily get more folks into fitness centers. For those who haven’t responded to other styles of motivation, god is the answer maybe. For fitness centers seeking to fill a niche in their community, maybe God is also the answer.

Bottom Line: Refined grains are nutrient poor, however, many whole grains (like oats and wheat) contain many important nutrients. Refined grains are like whole grains, except every one of the nutrients has been removed. There is nothing remaining except the high-carb, high-calorie endosperm with a lot of starch and smaller amounts of protein. The fiber and nutrients have been stripped away, and processed grains therefore classify as “empty” calorie consumption.

Because the carbs have been separated from the dietary fiber, and even floor into flour perhaps, they are now easy to get at to the body’s digestive enzymes. For this good reason, they fast get divided and can result in rapid spikes in blood sugar levels when consumed. Whenever we eat foods with enhanced carbohydrates, our blood sugars go up quickly, and then drop again immediately after.