Fitness Tracker Technology `May Help Thwart Cyber Attacks´

Technology used in fitness trackers could hold the important thing to decreasing cyber attacks, researchers say. The crew, from the University of Bath and Goldsmiths, University of London, are investigating a device that plugs into a computer. It will sign when motion – resembling altering a password or updating anti-virus software program – is required with sound, lights and vibration. Future makes use of could embody alerts when an employee is utilizing a work computer for activities similar to social media or procuring.

Dr Emily Collins, research associate on the University of Bath’s School of Management, mentioned: “Humans are the weak hyperlink in cyber safety. “We know that folks really feel overloaded with knowledge breaches reported in the news and overwhelmed about what they ought to be doing to guard themselves. “Many of us know we’re not on prime of safety, but translating that nagging fear into optimistic action simply isn’t occurring. The researchers are currently specializing in how greatest to make sure folks lock their computer screens when they go away their desk.

This could involve a sensor being fitted to the person’s chair, with the machine activating after they stand up. It may additionally work by proximity sensors and cameras that detect the lock status of a computer display. Researchers are aiming to ascertain which of the alerts – light, sound or vibration – is only. Dr Collins stated: “Work-based coaching on cyber-safety is usually very standard, usually just delivered as a one-off when people join an organisation.

“There’s scope to learn from health psychology to pinpoint what motivates folks to take motion to protect their cyber-safety. The mission, with funding from the house Office by the National Cyber Security Programme, makes use of Adafruit Circuit Playgrounds. A working prototype with open-source code will probably be developed by the analysis and be out there to businesses.

Dr Sarah Wiseman, lecturer in pc science at Goldsmiths, University of London, said: “The Adafruit Circuit Playgrounds are a fantastic opportunity to do some fast prototyping with members. “The inbuilt functionality on the boards means that you just don’t want much experience with electronics to take an idea from thought to actuality.

Tall and lengthy-limbed, with piercing blue eyes and tousled grey hair, he’s relaxed in off-responsibility casuals. He has two kids — Chris, 37, a vet, and Anna, 35, a hospital pathologist — from his first marriage to Jen, another physician, and two grandchildren. When he married Linda, a widow, in 2008, he became stepdad to her three grown-up ladies.

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Share His marriage to Jen, which ended in divorce, was a casualty of their demanding careers. Our lives have been hectic and difficult and our relationship sagged beneath our workloads,’ he says. His job consumed him. Once, his youngsters walked unannounced into his research to seek out him stabbing a pillow with a ruler, trying to work out the mechanics of a homicide.

His ambition to change into a forensic pathologist took root early when, as a schoolboy, he turned enthralled by a textbook on the subject. When he dissected his first cadaver, the initial fear and revulsion was rapidly usurped by a fascination that absorbs him to today. He writes of a ‘sense of wonder’ on the human body: ‘Its intricate systems, its colours and, yes, its beauty. For blood is not just crimson, it’s brilliant purple.

The gall bladder is not just green, it’s the green of jungle foliage. The mind is white and gray — and that isn’t the gray of a November sky, it’s the silver-gray of darting fish. He says he learnt early in his profession to isolate himself from the horror of the bodies he dealt with on daily basis, while partaking absolutely with the intricate enterprise of examining them.

He also needed to be taught to depart the sights of the mortuary behind as he walked by way of the door and out into ‘the world of daylight, youngsters and dwelling’. He wonders now whether or not this continual slipping between horror and mundanity may need precipitated his breakdown. It grew to become more durable and harder to clear the pictures from my mind,’ he admits.