How To PRODUCE A Website

Now we are going to add a text message and images to your webpages. You will need the GIMP because of this post, which really is a picture-editing program. So make sure if you don’t currently have it installed you obtain it. 1. Open KompoZer and get around to page1.html. 2. Click underneath your type and table the text you want to have with this page.

You may need to format your system text. 3. Highlight your text message and change it to the font you select for your website. Also, on the Format menu click Paragraph and make sure Body text is selected. 4. Continue doing this process for page2.page3 and html.html. You will add pictures to your page Now.

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  • Fix 4 – Update Your Sound Drivers

First you will need to save the pictures that you are going to use into the First Website folder. Rename them so the true name details the actual picture is. 6. In the File menu click Open, navigate to your First Website folder and dual click on the picture you are going to use for page1.html.

8. Type a new number for the Width and then press Enter. 9. Type 72 next to X resolution and press Enter. Save, click Replace, and click again Save. Now you will need to check the size of this file. 11. On the Image menu click Image properties and look under File size. The scale is desired by you to be about 20-30 KB.

If your file is not around 20-30 KB, you can lower the quality to lower the file size, or more it to raise the file size. 12. Feel the process to again save your document, but when you get to the Save as JPEG dialog container changes the Quality either up or down and save your valuable document. 13. Check your File Size again, and if needed change the Quality until your File Size is between 20-30 KB.

14. Repeat steps 5-13 for the images for your page2.html and web page3.html. You now will put your images into the web webpages. 15. Open KompoZer and click on web page1.html in the First Website folder under Site Manager. 16. In case your images aren’t already displaying under your First Website folder, click Refresh. 17. Drag the image for page1.html onto the web page and move it to the location you desire it to be. 18. Click on page2.html and put the image for the page about it; do the same for page3.html. 19. Save your valuable pages.