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In order I discussed in one in every of my last posts, I wish to push myself to taste only additional bitter, and fully unsweetened chocolate within the winter months. The latest line-up, which I used to be excited to see at the Northwest Chocolate Festival, was a full range of 100% bars by Fresco Chocolate.

Most chocolate makers just make one 100% dark bar, but Fresco had at least three, if no more, at their booth at the festival. I was not dissatisfied. All three bars provided a style experience like no other for 100% darkish chocolates. An extended once was utilized to each chocolate, reducing acidity levels and risky flavors, making the chocolate extra palatable than baking chocolate and many other unsweetened chocolates that I have tasted through the years.

My favorite was actually the Guatemala, as a result of I feel it made 100% darkest chocolate palatable for any taster. Probably the most potent of the three was the Maranon, because of all that fantastic acidity that makes a 70% Maranon so interesting, and tasty, but very intense when no sugar is included. Below is a fast description of my tasting notes on each bar, and where you can find more information about everyone on the Fresco website.

Oko-Caribe is a cacao farming co-operative within the Dominican Republic, recognized for producing good-quality cocoa beans. The aroma of this 100% chocolate, made from Oko-Caribe beans, is wonderful; full of berries and floral components. And the upfront flavors in the chocolate could be very ‘roasty’. The packaging lists a ‘medium roast’, but there really is a heavy-roast style to the chocolate (not burnt, just the flavor of roasted cocoa beans, or perhaps roasted walnuts or pecans). That’s the upfront favor to me, but additionally there is a few floral, some berry, some bitterness and a bit of earthiness and grass to the style.

A protracted once was applied, which can have been a very good thing. I might see how the raw cacao might need been too bitter for a 100% dark chocolate without the usage of a protracted once. This chocolate may be very fascinating, with a lot of upfront fruit flavors. In truth, it is sort of shocking that fruit flavor was not infused or added to the chocolate.

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In addition, it has extremely low acidity. The fruit is like grapes, real juicy purple grapes. And typically it reminds me of a Merlot, other instances a ‘fruit & nut’ chocolate bar. And much more stunning is the bitterness degree: there is none. It’s candy as compared to each different 100% darkest chocolate that I have ever tasted.

Overall, this bar was each shocking and fascinating for a 100%, taking unsweetened chocolate to a brand new stage. I extremely suggest tasting this chocolate bar. This chocolate was the most acidic of the three, an actual punch of bitterness and roast flavors. The acidity in the Maranon cocoa bean is what makes a sweeter chocolate taste so darn good, but at 100% it offers practically a shocking punch.

I wrote about this one before, which I had almost forgotten about (about the same time of year in 2016), and looking on the submit, I see my tasting notes are very comparable. The difference now could be that I’ve extra expertise with making chocolate. And that I’ve learned that probably the most acidic 100% chocolates often make one of the best 70% bars. Madagascar unsweetened chocolate, this Maranon chocolate, and the newly well-liked Peru Ucayali cocoa bean that I’ve been experimenting with at 100% versus 90%, versus a 70% chocolate.