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One of things that inevitably happens when you’re in the angel or VC trading business for two years is that besides an ideally healthy profile, you’re also building a growing anti-portfolio. As far as I know, the term “anti-portfolio” has been coined by Bessemer. What follows is a summary of successful companies which Bessemer saw and offered spectacularly, including Apple, eBay, FedEx, Google, Others, and Intel. I’m a big fan of dealing with failures openly, and I applaud Bessemer for being so open about their anti-portfolio.

The two “passes” which I regret the most are SoundCloud and TransferWise. The reason why these two ones stick out is that I had the opportunity to invest in them (at an early on stage with reasonable terms), spent time taking a look at them, and decided to move. Since that time, both SoundCloud and TransferWise have become “unicorns” or are on the way to getting there. Congrats to the founders and early investors of these fantastic companies – Alexander, Eric, Christophe, and Jan (SoundCloud) and Taveet, SeedCamp and Index (TransferWise)!

Another unicorn that we turned down is FanDuel. Congrats team FanDuel, Fabrice, Andrin! 1B-valuation companies that we’ve missed up to now, but there are other companies that people offered and which are doing great. While I am of course learning from all of these mistakes, I also know that it’s unavoidable that my anti-portfolio will continue steadily to grow as time passes. And although that can hurt, I know that that is alright – at least so long as we’re pleased with our non-anti-portfolio.

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Doing business across the world will be a lot of fun. Learning about all the cultural variations is a fantastic experience and builds your cultural knowledge-base. Check out our quizzes below which we’ve made to help increase knowing of business culture, process, and etiquette from throughout the world. So how well do you consider you will score?

We’ve arranged the bat at 85% – is it possible to do it? 10 brief quiz on business card etiquette from across the world – observe how well you would fare if you had to abruptly face these situations! 85% and you also complete! 10 quick questions in 2 minutes on doing business in Brazil – how well can you do? We’ve established the pub at 85% to pass – all the best!

Going to China for business? The test your knowledge of Chinese culture with this quiz – if you get less than 50% we recommend you read our free country profile on China. You have 2 minutes to answer 10 simple questions – go! Doing business with India? Test how much you know (or have no idea) with our little quiz on dealing with Indians – it addresses etiquette, culture, and communication. You have five minutes and the pass mark is 85% – go! If you’re heading to a country for business, you will need to make sure you know what you’re doing with your hands – test yourself before you wreck yourself with this quick quiz!

Many cultures still use presents within the personal and corporate and business relationship building process. Prior to traveling to a country for a business be sure you research what the local traditions are – some places want a bottle of Scotch, others not! Take our quiz on present giving etiquette – three minutes – go!

If you work in international business, chances are you use Muslims. It may be that you work with Muslims in your house country even. How much could you say you know about Islam? How about business culture and etiquette around the faith? Either way, you’ll learn something by taking our quiz! You’ve got five minutes – plenty of time! Do you work out for work? Then let’s observe how you’ll do when negotiating in some international countries.