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Hi, : I chance upon your site, and read a few of your posts, but the one that I am particularly curious is how can a couple afford marriage and HDB. In all manners and breakdown you gave, I think you did an excellent job. HDB and all matrix. I suggest, if you don’t brain see marriage as an investment, just like how much you handbag shares, fax, or shares, etc. Your first kid is also investment, similar. Your own significance i.e. (to your loved ones, society, whatever you’re good at) is the one which really equals wealth. Not the Porsche, cigars, brands, go out at posh parties, etc..

The European Economic Community was built on foundations of a solid vision and values of an era that was involved in major wars. Berlin Wall to be reminded of the divided Europe. October 1989 was a momentous milestone in the introduction of Europe, starting the healing up process and laying the foundation for a larger, more integrated European Union.

The foundations of the good collaboration can be measured by trust, commitment, values, culture, and philosophy. Without trust the EU wouldn’t normally have to the level they have over the last 60 years. Without trust, it could not have increased from 6 to 28 countries. Whilst trust was high within the wheels and cogs of the European decision-making and administration machines, it didn’t necessarily ripple away to the public. Commitment is an interesting concept.

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Each country came to the table using their own agenda which helped them in bargaining their level of commitment. Commitment was examined at each milestone that resulted in the deepening of the EU. These milestones were designated by various Treaties, agreed upon by the member countries. In 1991, the UK bargained itself from the Social Chapter of the Maastricht Treaty. All countries who became a member of since 1990 must join the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) and adopt the Euro as part of an economic and monetary union (again a disorder of the Maastricht Treaty). With regard to partnerships, commitment comes after a similar path.

Partners agree to invest in an agreed plan. As time progresses, they might be asked to commit more regarding an agreed direction. Sometimes the expectations are high and partners begin to pull back too. At other times, internal distractions, changes of management, or changes of direction, impact on commitment to partnerships.

The EU has survived and grown up despite continuous changes of member governments and despite inner interruptions (eg unification of German). However, the British referendum decision to leave the EU is the first test of a change of direction. The fundamental concepts of British beliefs include: democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, shared tolerance and respect for those with different faiths and values, and participation in community life.