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Below is the MID FEBRUARY 2015 list of properties appealing. The Dallas/Ft Worth and Texas market generally has been leading the real way and will only continue to grow. If you have friends/family needing anything please keep me in mind. I will manage anything from home one family to investment property of any size. TWITTER – I’ve started a TWITTER account and will do my far better post a “Deal of Day” or “Stable CASHFLOW” property of day. The feed comes from……..@jamestglynn. NEW SECTION: Remember the HAVES/WANTS portion of the Newsletter. I’ve already put several parties as well as this approach.

Call or email me if you have questions. I am always happy to customize a search specific to your needs. As always, if the truth is something of interest or have questions, please let me know and can get answers/comps. When clicking on below links, you can select DISPLAY on the top right of page to show property by property details. 400,000. Cosmetic rehabs only.

5. Any commercial Multi-family property in Keller or Mid-Cities. Single family rental continues to be a favorite option with the growing DFW market. Days on Market under 40 days, and a SOLD price per sqft less than the average). JUST SOME SAMPLES ABOVE, I CAN RUN FOR ANY populous city. It is created by THIS DATA A PRETTY QUICK DECISION ON TO PURSUE OR TO Move. Great exposure for your property.

The flat charge is only for listing the house. Showings, negotiations, agreement issues, etc are managed direct with you and the buyer. If you want information with this program, please call or email. In 2015, If you want more than the MLS FLAT RATE service, I will be offering Full Service list for only 1% on the listing side (still reserve 2-3% for buyer broker). Please call/email for details.

Q: What local rental property expenses cannot be stated? A: You can’t claim any local rental property expenses if you can’t demonstrate the state with a receipt or bank or investment company statement. So keep in mind: Continue to keep All your expense receipts and EVERY document associated with income and expenditure for your rental property. This includes from interest obligations and insurance charges through to yard mowing and drinking water expenses.

OUR TIP: Download the Etax App and snap an image of every receipt as you get it. Then, all you have to to do is add a short description and save it straight into your tax come back, all ready for tax time. PLEASE BE AWARE: This article and the information included within is of general nature only and really should not be relied on as comprehensive advice that pertains to everyone. We suggest speaking to a qualified taxes agent for specific advice appropriate your own situation and expenditures.

China currently accounts for 12 % of tourist arrivals here, who contribute six per cent of the country’s tourism earnings or approximately RM39 billion last year. Sunday On, several families of Chinese people of MH370 arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Beijing, and kept a press meeting to denounce Malaysia’s handling of the search for the airplane. Some held aloft banners that read in Chinese and English: “You must return family members of MH370, no strings attached” and “Hand us the murderer”. MH370 proceeded to go missing soon after departing Kuala Lumpur AIRPORT TERMINAL for Beijing on March 8 and remains missing despite a global search involving over two dozen countries.

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European hedge fund consultant Carne Global Financial Services Group has announced the release of alternative investment and wealth management technology and operational consultancy divisions in London. Carne said the new divisions add technology capabilities to the group’s existing operational services and capitalise on its established presence within the hedge fund management industry. Carne also annonced the recruitment of Sunil Chadda and Phil Kitto.

To pay for these taxes breaks, however, lawmakers took away many deductions that millions of taxpayers had used every year to reduce their tax bills. The nine deductions we’ll discuss are are just some of the popular provisions that will disappear, and taxpayers must take a look at their own personal situations to see whether other closely, less common deductions away are also heading.