Design Master Electrical RT V1.4

Design Master Electrical RT provides electrical calculations to Autodesk Revit MEP. One-Line Riser Diagrams: Automatically generate one-line riser diagrams out of your Revit model. Customize the graphics to match your present one-line diagram. Keep your one-line diagram synchronized with the remainder of your undertaking as your design changes. Feeder Sizing: Feeders are size routinely primarily based upon the upstream overcurrent safety for a chunk of electrical tools. You’ve full management of the chosen gender dimension and may override it when necessary. Branch Circuit Sizing: Branch circuit breakers and wire sizes are sizing mechanically primarily based upon the linked load.

You’ve gotten full control of the breaker and wire dimension and might override it when vital. Fault Calculations: Available fault present is calculated for each piece of electrical gear. The calculated fault present can be used to set the AIC ranking for the machine. Voltage Drop Calculations: The voltage drop is calculated between each piece of electrical tools.

Feeders that exceed the maximum 3% voltage drop allowed can be easily resized. Arc-Flash Calculations: Arc-flash calculations are performed at every piece of electrical equipment. An arc-flash schedule will be created that shows the calculated values. Arc-flash warning labels will be printed to be placed on units in the field.

Note: This app makes use of a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). The brain is a free 30-day trial. The software is totally functioning during that point. Contact us should you need further time to attempt the software program. We understand you have got precise billable work to do and 30 days can go by quick. The Feeder Make-up choice has been expanded from a single challenge value. The additional make-up settings provide better control of calculated wire lengths.

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Wire-length make-up is extra length added to calculated distances between units. Feeder Length Make-up: Each piece of distribution equipment can have a separate feeder size make-up assigned. Branch Circuit Length Make-up: Branch circuits can now have make-up included in the calculated length. A default branch circuit make-up size will be set for the venture.

The branch-circuit make-up length could be set for every circuit on a number of distribution equipment. Finally, the department circuit make-up size can also be set for each particular person branch circuit. An remove floor wire might be included on branch circuit devices. Any circuits that include a device with a remote ground will embody a remote ground in the wire pullout. The isolated ground could be set within the household utilizing the Family Edit command and on cases using the Instance Edit command. Exit 2020 is supported. Feed Thru Lugs: The new feed by lugs features in Revit 2020 works with the one-line diagram created by Design Master Electrical.

To create a connection utilizing feed by lugs, enable the Feed Thru Lugs parameter in the upstream panel, then set the Connection Type for the downstream panel to Feed Thru Lugs. The Lugs discipline for the upstream panel can be set to Feed Through. To create a connection using prime lugs, enable the Feed Thru Lugs and SubFeed Lug parameters within the upstream panel, then set the Connection Type for the downstream panel to Feed Thru Lugs. The Lugs subject for the upstream panel shall be set to Double. Evil doesn’t at present have a strategy to specify whether the connection uses the subdued lugs. The software will assume that if the succeed lugs exist, that is the connection type you intend to use. Design Master Electrical RT is brought to you by Design Master Software. This is a trial model. Pricing is as follows.