Don't Be Perfect.. 1

Don’t Be Perfect..

But why I’m so sure concerning this? Well, there were a few English native loudspeakers that explained that my writing is actually bad. That it is not even high school level. Some of them told me that I should actually stop writing in English and change to German because what I write is just plain terrible.

But as a matter of known fact, my German writing is worse even. How do you know? Nevertheless, you know what? I don’t really care about it. It isn’t that I can’t stand criticism. I actually love constructive responses and I try to implement every responses I get. It’s that I don’t value being perfect. I don’t caution if people stop reading my articles because they feel they’re awful.

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I don’t care if people speak shit about me behind my back. I don’t caution if people don’t like the way I look, walk or talk. But what I do care and attention about gets better every single day. The day I’ll be perfect at anything won’t come. EASILY only start things once I’m perfect, I would ever really start anything in my life never. I might away be losing my life. You may never start that business.

You might never write that book. You might inform her that you like her never. What you’ll do instead is to wait for this perfect moment. Forever. But that second will never come. Change and starting things is going to be really difficult always. I don’t need a mask. Its not necessary a face mask. I don’t need to hide my imperfections. I’m human. You’re human. And my defects are a part of me. And to me, being human means to not be perfect. This means that your home is your daily life no matter. That you acknowledge the actual fact that you may suck at something and take action nonetheless. You do not await that perfect moment.

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