Day Remember THE ADVANTAGES OF The Earned Income Tax Credit WITH THIS Tax 1

Day Remember THE ADVANTAGES OF The Earned Income Tax Credit WITH THIS Tax

50,000 prepare their fees. I’ve seen young students solitary and submitting, working mothers who are simultaneously increasing children and going to school document fees. I’ve heard stories about individuals falling on the crisis in the last few years and met one individual who was working his way to avoid it of homelessness.

As families over the state and the united states rush to meet today’s deadline to file their 2012-tax returns – many, particularly those people I met, don’t need the reminder that everyone pays fees probably. But everyone does pay taxes on things such as earned income, goods purchased, property, and gas.

It costs more to be poor. When sales, excise, property, and taxes are all considered, low-income workers pay a larger share of their income in fees than higher income individuals. That means those with minimal throw-away income pay a higher percentage of their overall income to live and work in Kentucky. 38,000 pay ten cents on the dollar when sales currently, excise, property, and income taxes are all taken into account.

980,000 and only pay six cents on the buck in taxes. The Federal Earned TAX Credit (ETIC) provided additional support to many of the households I’ve met over the last few months. It really is a taxes credit that low-income, working family members can obtain to help offset other taxes, like payroll taxes. The EITC helps make sure that individuals who work hard to have the ability to meet basic needs, support their own families, and stay off welfare. Kentucky can go one step by applying circumstances EITC further. Federal government and state EITCs don’t get and keep people working just; they are also shown to improve infant health, boost children’s achievement in school, and increase work income and work when children become adults.

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Implementing circumstances EITC in Kentucky would be a little investment that can make a huge difference in the lives of working family members. It’s time Kentucky joins 25 other expresses, including Indiana, Illinois, and Virginia, and apply one. So today, as people scramble to file their taxes, so that as we hear about all the nagging problems with our taxes code, we need to understand that the EITC is not one of those nagging problems. We should ensure that the wealthiest Americans are paying their fair share and that people are not penalizing families working for low wages or cutting the nation’s most successful anti-poverty program for children.

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